About Us

Who We Are

Aum is the primordial, yet infinite sound of the universe. By form, Aum symbolizes the entire universe. The three elements of Aum, the a, u and m are believed to represent different stages of existence. The essence of all Vedas is crystalized in this eternal crucible. Down the ages, Aum has come to symbolize the beginning of everything that is good and auspicious.

Our name is inspired by this ultimate reality. At Aum, we endeavor to bring about a confluence of images, words and sounds, so as to help you reach your target audience clearly and effectively.

Welcome to Aum Creatives. Creative Design Solutions for every business. We are a leading Vadodara and Mumbai based design studio delivering high quality creative solutions in the dry areas of design strategy, identity & branding, graphic design for print solutions.

Operating since 2007 we pride ourselves on delivering high quality design and print solutions at the your budget. We are committed to customer satisfaction. We have an extensive portfolio available ranging from Logo, business card, brochure, mailer, dangler, banner, standee, acrylic sign board, vinyl sign board exhibition stall design, video, animation and many more.

Our experience is overwhelmingly and we understand communication needs to be pure, clean and simple.